Danish Days2012 Friends Recipient

2012 Friends Recipient

The Employees and History of Viborg Co-op Elevator Association

The Danish Viking Days Committee is proud to announce the 2012 Friends of Viborg Award to the present & previous employees of the Viborg Co-op Elevator Association. The Farmers Elevator was first organized in 1903 in Viborg. It was reorganized in 1939 and this was the beginning of the Viborg Co- op Elevator Association. The association had many changes throughout the years, bringing progress to the town of Viborg & its surrounding community. Today the Viborg Co-op Elevator Association is a full service operation, consisting of grain sales, storage, trucking, fertilizer application, and animal feed to name a few of their services.

Please pass the word to any family member or friends who may have been employed at any location of the Viborg Co-op Elevator Association so they can take part in the celebration at this summers Danish Viking Days, July 20th, 21st, & 22nd 2012. Watch the Viborg Enterprise or check our website www.danishday.com for further details.

Congratulations to the Viborg Co-op Elevator Association, our 2012 Friends of Viborg winner.