Danish Days2010 Friends Recipient

2010 Friends Recipient

Viborg Public School

By Cheri O’Dell – Viborg Enterprise

“Viking pride doesn’t die easy” was the statement of Danish Viking Days co-chair Paul Christensen. In fact the committee recently made a statement by changing the official name of the celebration from Danish Festival Days to Danish Viking Days.

The Viborg School will be consolidating all sports with Hurley beginning the 2010-2011 school year. The mascot for the sports teams will now be known as the Cougars ending Viborg’s long proud tradition as the Vikings. While supporting the school’s athletic future as the Cougars, the Danish Viking Days Committee want to retain the mascot of the Vikings for their annual celebration to reflect Viborg’s Danish Heritage. In fact, Christensen shared his dream of constructing and showcasing Viking statues throughout the city.

Danish Viking Days plus the Viborg High School All School Reunion activities are scheduled for July 16th, 17th and 18th. The theme this year will be “Vikings through the years . . . Welcome Home!” The committee has chosen to honor the Viborg Public School with the “Friends of Viborg Award”. The “Friends of Viborg Award” will be presented to present and past teachers, board members and employees of the Viborg Public School during the closing ceremony at the athletic field on Sunday Night. They will also be acknowledged and honored at the Friends of Viborg reception on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. at the school gym.

So much history and facts have been recorded and could be written about the buildings and structures that have housed the students of Viborg throughout the years, but it is the teachers, staff, administration and boards that have shaped the students into the people that they are now. It is the people that will be honored. Structures and facilities are built and in time replaced, but people have the ability to influence the future. “If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.” – Confucius.

Viborg School District or Independent School District No. 4 was set apart as a separate school district in the early part of the year 1894 (116 years ago). A petition to carve out the district from surrounding districts was circulated and after receiving the requisite number of signers, was presented to the county commissioners and an election ordered held. This carried and the district was accordingly organized and officers elected.

S.N. Monk, J.P. Christensen, and N.C. Christensen constituted the first school board, with Paul Hansen as clerk and F.L. Wheeler as treasurer.

The current board of education is comprised of: Jimmy Larsen (President), Wayne Larsen (Vice President), Gene Larsen, Peggy Mach and Denise Miller.

The first teacher who was employed in the new school after it was built was Mr. N.C. Andrews, who was then a resident of the town. He was hired for six months at $40 per month. There were so many pupils in attendance during the “rush” that Miss Sarah Monk was hired as an assistant for a short time. This was during the 1894-1895 school year. Many teachers have come and gone since this time. Some for only a year or two, some for many years.

The current administration includes: Superintendent – Patrick Kraning; Business Manager – Wanda Kost; High School Principal – Barb Hansen; and Elementary Principal – Dawn Wirth.

Administrative Secretary, Annet Kropuenske has been a part of the Viborg School system for 23 years.

With a student support system of 30 employees, The Viborg School District has comprehensive Special Education and Title services, as well as a district wide pre-school program for 4 year old students.

Thank you to all the teachers, staff and administrators who have served Viborg Public School throughout the years!